Invest in Property the Right Way

I cannot begin to say how HUGE of a response we have received from folks all over the globe in regards to our refinancing/cash out/new assets programso we decided to show an actual “real time”transaction we are preparing to fund and close next week. This should give you some insight into how you can invest in U.S. property the right way. Here is a case study of a new purchase refinance that we are doing for one of our Australian investors. Sometimes it is nice to see how one of our client…

Investing in U.S. Property from Australia

I’m going to tell you why investing in U.S. property from Australia is a financial game-changer. I bought this home in a golf community 4 years agoand I bought itright I got the lowest price on any house in the sub-division for the last decade. It was quite a coup. I have lived there for the last 4 years as well. Having been raised in Southern California, how could I ever have passed up an opportunity to live in a golf community for less than it would cost to buy the land for a garage in Orange…

The Great American Real Estate Deception

I was born and raised in Southern California’s beautiful Orange County down here in the U.S. I also lived in Canada for 8 years so I am pretty attached to both places. AndI can state without any hesitation that Canada sure seems an awful lot like the U.S. was in the boom and then bustyears, ofwhat I call The Great American Real Estate Deception era. And guess what?Canadian real estate in of the real estate marketin 2007.

U.S. Real Estate Investment and the Benefits of Leverage and Refinance

30-YEAR FIXED RATE LOANS FOR FOREIGN INVESTORS I feel it an obligation to provide insights into the benefits that Atlas Capital and Asset Management has to offer vinsiwineform Prices are going crazy right now in our primary market. I am paying more for raw acquisitions right now than I was 18 months ago. Its hard to even find a project house or fixer- upper in the cities where we prefer to be. Values have gone up substantially, and we are thrilled to see the market so robust and growing.

Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate

Landmines versus Gold Mines I have been the subject of numerous articles in foreign real estate industry trade magazines that have placed an emphasis on our financing program which was refined and implemented in 2013. And why not? After a while, most foreign investors give up on financing because US lenders wont touch them unless it is with a garbage loan NOT worth a hill of beans. But we have set the new standard and want to renew your trust in foreign investment in U.S. real estate.